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Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights

PatentAbout Premier Law Group, PLLC, serving clients all over the United States including Washington Metropolitan area
Premier Law Group, PLLC is an Intellectual Property Law Firm headquartered near the U.S. Patent and Trademark office outside of Washington, D.C. We offer patent and trademark searches, copyright filings, legal opinions, and litigation services. Our registered Patent Attorneys have a combined total of over forty years experience securing patents and trademarks for clients. Premier Law Group is closely associated with Wood & Eisenberg, PLLC, a well established IP law firm located in Northern Virginia. For more information on intellectual property in general, and the services provided by Premier Law Group and Wood & Eisenberg, please visit www.premierpatents.com


About Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights

The first step in obtaining a patent is to conduct a thorough search of filed patents and patent applications to determine whether your invention is different from existing inventions.

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TrademarksThe first step in obtaining a trademark is to conduct a thorough search of all existing trademarks and pending trademark applications, including Federal, State and Common Law trademarks.
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copyright Copyrights
Our patent attorneys can assist you with the filing of a copyright application and submitting a copy of your original creative work with the Library of Congress. Once we file your application, it takes approximately six months for the Copyright Office to issue your registration.
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To profit from your patent, trademark, or copyright you should consider licensing the rights to make, use or sell your intellectual property. We can prepare licensing agreements that are written to suit your particular needs, while securing you the highest royalties.


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